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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory
Carol Dombrose
July 19, 1941 - March 17, 2013




With Mary Ann Reiger

A look at how symbols have been used to affect your consciousness throughout
history and how the use of these symbols influence our individual and collective
behavior. Learn about universal symbols, learn how to recognize signs from the
universe, and work with your own personal sign. Gain more understanding of
how universal symbols affect our daily lives and how you can develop a
personalized system of understanding messages from spirit. How to ask
for a sign, how to truly know when you have received a sign and how to
interpret signs for your growth.

1:00 – 3:00 PM



"Meditations for Soul Realization Group"
With Greg Soltesz, Certified MCKS Pranic Healing Instructor

Wednesday, September 24
7:30 PM
$10 Love Donation

Join us for a variety of powerful meditations and spiritual practices for purifying our etheric,
emotional, and mental bodies and increasing our connection with who we really are! Your
higher soul is in Divine Bliss 24/7! Learn to connect more with who you really are and
experience this bliss! Bring this increased Divine Intelligence (Light), Divine Love and
Divine Power into your day to day life!

This group will practice the previously secret, but now publicized, spiritual practices taught
by Master Choa Kok Sui (Modern Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga) in his 20 books
published in over 27 languages worldwide.

Please contact Greg Soltesz at 440.212.5183, for more information.


With Michelle Star

Learn to concentrate deeply, calm your mind and open to your creativity
during what in India is called “Tratak,” one-pointed focus or attention.
Release stress or pent-up emotions, embrace beauty and even connect
with your Higher Self with this technique—I did! It is truly wonderful.
You will be able to practice it at home immediately. Learn some tips
to deepen your experience.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and prepare to sit in meditation practice.
Bring a cushion if you have difficulty sitting straight and tall.
Class will be completed within one hour.

Thursday, September 25
7:00 PM

Contact Angel House at, to reserve your space.

Michelle will have a few copies of her new book for purchase at a pre-launch price or it can be emailed to you in .pdf format.
The book is entitled, “I Forgive You, Daddy – Yoga and the Angels Healed Me! Along with Astrology,
Channeling, Dreams, Past-Life Recall, Psychicism, Telepathy, Walk-Ins and the Whales!”
You may not be able to put it down!

"Soul, Earth and Art"

Facilitated by Christopher Reynolds

"...our healing will not be complete until we bring the sacred back into our daily lives"
~Christine Northrup, M.D.

We are living at a time of profound spiritual, psychological, ecological and cosmological transformation. Spiritual Emergency is when an individual's awakening puts her/him at risk. Spiritual Emergency or as the DSM-V labels it, "a spiritual or religious problem, can be a life-enriching rite of passage. When the individual has a 'map' of the experience s/he is in, a safe place, sufficient time, and a creative outlet, when there is a caring, psychologically informed community, the visionary power of the individual can be expressed and integrated in a world-renewing way.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very delicate, yet powerful nature of
spiritual emergency, we are limiting this to those who
know Chris Reynolds and who have either gone through
the emergency themselves, or know a loved one or family
member who has gone through it. Chris Reynolds:

In addition to the workshop facilitated by Chris Reynolds, there will also be a workshop
facilitated by Warren Grossman, Ph.D. and one facilitated by Sr. Diane Pinchot:

Warren Grossman, Ph.D. is a graduate of Kent State University and
The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s three-year post-graduate program.
He is also the author of "To be Healed by the Earth." "He practiced
conventional psychotherapy until a trip to Brazil left him desperately
ill. He became aware of the energy inherent in nature, and
that he could draw on it to recover."

Join him as he shares his discoveries and earth-based healing.

Sr. Diane Pinchot, OSU, MFA, is a professor of art at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike.
"She has exhibited her work internationally, nationally and regionally and has come
to realize the sacred connection between being actively engaged in justice work and
the arts especially when it is grounded in faith, love and nonviolence. As a teacher,
she imparts those values to her students along with a love of the arts."

Experience Sr. Diane's gifts, as she shares them with us through a
special hands-on art project.

with Chris Reynolds

During the days of the Underground Railroad, Ohio was known as the Promised Land.
Nearly a century later, the 12 Step movement took root in Akron and healing rippled out
from here. When the Europeans arrived, they found many sacred mounds and landscapes,
though they didn't know what they were. Ohio has a wonderful history as a visionary and healing ground.

This concert features songs about grassroots visionary and healing experiences of teachers
and friends I have met. Together we will create a welcoming space for a renewed experience
of Ohio as a sacred ground, flowing with waters and life that are life-giving, fortifying and visionary.


Rod Reisman was the original drummer for the band Devo, joining the band at its inception in
1973 in Kent, Ohio. He played only the very first concert, when the band was named Sextet Devo,
and was the only band member to be paid for playing. He currently plays with Carlos Jones and
other Cleveland artists.

Admission 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM: $30
Concert Admission: $10

Weight Loss

Hypnosis Works!

Allow the power of your mind to help you become
the happy, healthy person you want to be and achieve your goals!

Friday, October 10
7:00 PM

This is a group hypnosis seminar. CD included.
Facilitated by Rev. Elizabeth Howell

To reserve, call 330.461.2755

Day of the Dead

With Chris Reynolds

Come honor and celebrate the love from those who have passed on.
Love never dies, it changes form. We will pray, sing, dance and create
altars in honor of our loved ones, in gratitude for their lives and for the
love that we still can feel. We will recognize and celebrate their love that
sustains us personally and in our families.

Saturday, November 1
7:00 - 9:00 PM
$10 Donation




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